October 29, 2018

Why do people say the global food and farming sector is in a crisis?

Farming is one of the most antique works. As the industrial revolution started, became easier to do it. But with the new production methods, we also have new costs. Yields became better, more food.

Nowadays not just industrial revolution is increasing production costs, but also the chemical industry and digital agriculture. We are passing through a huge changing in agriculture, it's amazing. But costs are higher than ever and most of the profit is staying with the industry.

Some farmers are starting to increase net margin by rescuing old farm management integrating with high tech agriculture methods, producing theirs own pesticides on farm in a natural way. Maybe that could get out the state crisis from most of farmers, but the thing is that the industry might not be in favor of that.

This is happening in Brazil. Farm margins are low, so new ideas are coming to increase margins. We are a group of many farmers that produce soybean, corn and other products in large scale, using old methods of biopestices and natural fertilization and we still get the same yields. This management are changing the way agriculture is because farmers can get interdependent of the agrochemical industry, producing more healthy food, with the same or even more yields and getting a better net margin. This is Sustainable Agriculture. Producing more, with less.

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